Hosted May 17-18, 2014 by Round House Theatre in Silver Spring, MD.

This SAFD Regional Workshop will expand the range of the SAFD Unarmed curriculum by treating the whole body as weapon.  With an expert faculty and excellent facilities, we’ll look at the cutting edge of staged combat and the full range of what is possible within a martial arts vocabulary.  From traditional roots through contemporary action, we’ll expand the range of physical, choreographic, and storytelling options.

Designed for actors, choreographers, and teachers, this workshop will explore unique hand strikes, mixed martial arts trapping and locking, partnered rolls and take downs, as well as advanced kicking technique for stage.

The workshop will conclude with a Skills Proficiency Renewal like no other – in a tournament style showcase featuring all students, each fight will showcase a different martial arts style.

Previous stage combat experience is recommended, and the workshop is intended for adults.


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